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Hummer HX Concept

2008 Hummer HX Concept
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2008 Hummer HX ConceptWith its unmistakable Hummer design and a compact, go-anywhere driving ethic, the Hummer HX concept challenges the hierarchy of the trail. Hummer displayed the nimble, reconfigurable off-roader at the 2008 North American International Auto Show.

More compact than a Hummer H3 – 81 inches (2,057 mm) wide, with a 103 inch wheelbase (2,616 mm) – the HX concept is an open-air, two-door off-road vehicle that packs the off-road acumen for which Hummer has become legendary, along with an easily convertible body that acclimates to varied trail conditions, cargo needs or passenger whims. Its design is based on the ideas developed by a trio of young designers who are new to the Hummer studio.

"The HX is Hummer's vision of an agile, trail-ready, open-air vehicle that fits the lifestyles of everyone who needs or wants to drive off road," said Martin Walsh, Hummer general manager. "Of course, it carries exceptional off-road capability and the distinctive styling for which all Hummers are known."

2008 Hummer HX ConceptThe HX offers an open-air driving experience via a pair of removable roof panels above the driver and front passenger, and a modular, removable rear roof assembly. With the roof panels and roof assembly removed, the HX is transformed into a true convertible.

Easy removal of the roof panels and rear-roof assembly enables quick conversion from a closed vehicle to an open one. The HX also was designed with several roof assemblies, allowing this versatile vehicle to be configured as an SUT (with the roof assembly removed), a stylish slant-back or a traditional, wagon-like design that offers a bit more cargo space.

The HX was shown with a slant-back configuration, wearing a desert-inspired matte olive paint scheme, at the North American International Auto Show. Additional convertible features include:

• Removable doors – easily removable pins in the exposed hinges allow the doors to be removed quickly – an appreciated feature of many serious off-roaders.

• Removable fender flares – attached with quarter-turn quick-release fasteners, the composite fender flares can be quickly removed for additional trail/rock clearance, or if the flare is damaged during off-road driving.

"The modular design of the roof and removable body panels mark an evolution of Hummer's design aesthetic," said Carl Zipfel, director of design. "These features demonstrate a deeper understanding of enthusiast desires when it comes to off-road driving – and the slant-back design gives the HX a look all its own."

Technical Specifications
Engine: 3.6 litre SIDI E85 V6
Aspiration: Natural
Maximum Power: -
Maximum Torque: -
Transmission: Six-speed automatic
Drivetrain: All-wheel drive

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