Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lexus IS F

2009 Lexus IS F
Lexus Press Release

2009 Lexus IS FAlmost 20 years after the introduction of its first luxury vehicle in Australia , Lexus has launched its first dedicated performance vehicle - the IS F.

IS F is the result of the efforts of one man, Yukihiko Yaguchi, the Chief Engineer for IS F; whose determination to produce a dedicated Lexus performance vehicle assured the project went from concept to reality. Based on the popular IS platform, the IS F underwent an extensive re-engineering and development program befitting a vehicle of its performance attributes.

IS F is also the first Lexus vehicle to bear the marque's performance designation 'F', derived in name and design from Japan's Fuji Speedway - the home of Lexus performance vehicle development. Benefitting from the most intensive track development program of any Lexus to date, the thrilling four-door brings a new level of driving dynamics and performance to the Lexus range.

IS F features many performance-tuned components including a 5.0-litre V8 engine - which was co-developed with Yamaha - Brembo brakes and the world's first eight-speed direct sport-shift transmission. The new gearbox is able to change gears in 0.1 seconds - a mere 0.05 seconds slower than gear changes in a Formula One car.

2009 Lexus IS FBuilt at a global rate of 25 per day, IS F also becomes the rarest Lexus vehicles to grace Australian roads, with just 10 allocated to Australia per month.

"IS F brings with it true motoring enthusiast buy-in to the Lexus brand," said Lexus chief executive John Roca. "From the tyres to the gearbox and engine, IS F has been designed to stimulate the senses and deliver a driving experience that is unheard of in a Lexus. Not only is IS F Lexus' first performance vehicle, but it signals the birth of our 'F' range of vehicles - characterised by track focused development and a unique link to Japan's most famous circuit: Fuji Speedway. Although IS F is a performance vehicle, it will still hold true to the Lexus ideals of superior build quality and refinement. No part of this vehicle has been left untouched - every component has been designed to achieve the Chief Engineer's goal of transforming every moment of driving into an experience. There is no doubt that IS F will bring a new group of customers to the Lexus brand and stimulate purchase of other IS models," said Roca.

Technical Specifications
Engine: 5.0 litre V8
Aspiration: Natural
Maximum Power: 311 kW (417 hp) @ 6600 rpm
Maximum Torque: 505 Nm (372 lb-ft) @ 5200 rpm
Transmission: Eight-speed direct sport-shift automatic
Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive

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